Bringing the straight razor into the 21st Century.

The Angle Razor is a machined aluminium straight razor designed for a precision shave  with affordable disposable razor blades.

Angle is a machined aluminium straight razor that takes almost any disposable razor blade. It's been designed to be easy to control and to clean, to feel perfectly balanced in the hand and to give an incredibly precise shave using a single blade.

What is the Angle Razor?

We designed the Angle Razor to bring traditional straight razors into the 21st Century and to sit alongside the incredible safety razors that are being created today.

Why a straight razor?

We have considered every detail of the design to give you the best shaving experience. From loading a fresh blade, to achieving your closest ever shave; use the Angle Razor and you'll understand why the straight razor needed an update. 

Why is it so good?

Forget subscription services, the Angle Razor is designed to last a lifetime, not just for the lifetime of your subscription.

It's not a subscription?

The Angle Razor has been designed for control and perfect balance enabling you to achieve an incredibly precise shave with a single blade.

Take time for a better shave

Who are we?

The Angle Razor has been designed by Morrama. A London based product design agency who have worked with 100+ startups and many large businesses like GSK and Unilever. With our clients we've overseen end to end delivery of products from fast moving consumer goods to luxury luggage and wearable technology. 

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